Sunday, June 17, 2018

Where Did The Sun Go??

Flaming June came to a sudden halt this week with high winds and torrential rain mid week causing quite a bit of damage in my garden breaking branches off trees and shrubs and knocking taller perennial's to the ground it has also triggered the weeds to grow at an unprecedented rate.

This afternoon I went out to do a little bit of tidying up staking the Foxgloves to begin with then I began the task of cutting back early flowering perennial's such as hardy Geraniums and Delphiniums. These can be cut to the base of the plant, it will help keep the borders tidy and encourage fresh new foliage this will soon appear in a couple of weeks then hopefully there will be a second flush of flowers in late summer or early autumn.

Lupins and Foxgloves can be cut at the bottom of the flower stalk as soon as the flowers have faded before the plant sets seed and as a rule Lupins will flower again later in the year, one year by doing this I had my Lupins flower three times.

Philadelphus Virginial
My favourite in the garden this week has got to be Philadelphus Virginial I planted this a few years ago and this year is the best I have seen it the gorgeous pure white double flowers have a light scent that is reminiscent of orange blossom it has been flowering for a couple of weeks now and keeps getting better and better.

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