Saturday, April 28, 2018

From My Garden

A Promise To Myself...

Towards the end of last year I was fed up with seeing pots of plants that either were not saleable or had no labels so I decided I would put these in a border at the back of my house that had nothing in it apart from a couple of shrubs and a lot of weeds.  However the weather last year was appalling from August onwards rain, rain and a bit more rain so all I did was dig a hole put these few oddments of plants in then forgot about them.

This week I decided to take a look at this border so in between the heavy showers I began the mammoth task of weeding and clearing this area, as usual I forgot to photograph the border when I started and it wasn't until I had nearly finished I regretted not taking pictures. 

I was really surprised to see how many little plants are beginning to emerge after winter and from inbetween the buttercups that were smothering this area. I am now beginning to wonder what they are, there's certainly Aquilegia, Geraniums and a couple of Peony's.

I am guessing there will be a few bits that will be in the wrong place that I will have to move later, but I think sometimes that's what gardening is all about. I have lost track of the times I have planted something only to discover it grew too big for the area or it didn't thrive, so I had to move it to a new spot in the garden.

I have made a promise to myself to take a few pictures as the summer goes on, I will definitely keep you updated....

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