Sunday, May 27, 2018

Summer Seems To Have Finally Arrived!!

What a tremendous week of weather we have had, this week the plants have doubled in size. However there is always a downside for us at the nursery when the weather is warm we spend hours watering plants with the hosepipe keeping them all alive, we never seem to have many in between days as I call them if we are not being washed away with rain we are being blown away with wind it's always a challenge but I would still take the sun any day.

Everything seems to have more or less caught up after the bad winter with the exception of a few things. I took a few hours off today to take stock of my own garden. Most things now are looking quite lush but I have to question why mature plants suddenly die I had a lovely Sambucus black lace growing quite happily for the last two years only to discover it didn't make it through winter. 

My ten minute border as I call it (as I only get ten minutes here and there to work in it) is beginning to look quite full and there are still quite a few surprises still emerging, the Osteospermum Jucundum is spreading out well and began flowering this week with delightful sugary pink flowers that open and close with the sun. Geranium Albanum are providing low growing colourful ground cover with pink veined flowers that age to near white, it looks as if I had planned a pink garden so I am waiting to see what's next to flower and it's colour.

I love all flowers and the tranquility of my garden listening to the birds and watching the bee's gives me a great feeling and sense of satisfaction. 
It was Chelsea this week and I think most people would like a garden like those we see on television and in the past I have gone out with great gusto to create that as seen on TV garden only not to achieve the dream then I give up when it pours with rain, but sitting here in the sunshine with a cup of coffee looking at my half slug eaten Lupins makes me realise that my garden is my little bit of heaven that I have created on my own slugs an all.

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